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10 Tech Trends and Products that Will Have a Business Impact

By Jennifer Cobb

Below are 10 tech trends and products that will have a business impact, according to an article published on Information Week online:

1.The Hub: How much time do you spend juggling between your business apps, social networks, video feeds, and personal stuff? A single place to collect all network status information is all that's needed and it’s headed for the business world.

2.eHealth: Consumers everywhere are beginning to measure and monitor their own health status online. More businesses in the healthcare sector are adopting the integration of technology in their practices through an array of services and, while the transferal process isn’t fun, the migration makes for a more efficient workplace and is allowing the businesses that recognize the impact of technology an opportunity to keep up and remain competitive.

3.Automotive Tech: Internet connectedness: system, GPS, voice control, media player, phone, wireless & Internet. How about using your smartphone to unlock your car door? Driverless cars?

4.Gadgets: Phones, tablets, gesture computing (Kinect, Leap)

5.End of the smartphone: What if we start wearing more of our devices (think Google glasses) instead of carrying our devices in our hands? The smartphone could become more of an adjunct than a primary communication device.

6.Software To Control The Gizmos: How will companies manage all the data coming in and respond to consumers on whichever device they are using at the time?

7.The Next Big Thing: No, not you or your singing career. How about gesture-computing or flexible displays?

8.Cupertino’s Cold Shadow: Apple. Apple. Apple.

9.Boring Stuff Handed Out By IT: Not boring: ideas for corporate connectedness.

10.Beyond the Consumerization of IT: The smartest businesses are collecting lots of information from the outside, using that data to make smart inside-business decisions, and figuring out how to turn it into revenue.

To read the article in its entirety, click here


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