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Connected Tennessee Map Shows Impact of Organization’s Work Across the State

By Jennifer Cobb

Over the past seven years, Connected Tennessee has been dedicated to bridging the digital divide and ensuring widespread access, adoption, and use of broadband to communities, businesses, and institutions across the state. Recently, the Connected Tennessee GIS team created an illustration of just how much Connected Tennessee has done for that mission.

Of the 95 counties in the state of Tennessee, this map shows Connected Tennessee has either directly or indirectly supported broadband expansion in five categories: provider-funded expansion; American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) awards for middle mile infrastructure; ARRA awards for last mile infrastructure; U.S. Department of Agriculture Community Connect awards; and the U.S. Department of Economics Smart Grid awards; 62 counties have been impacted by Connected Tennessee’s efforts on behalf of broadband expansion, while 33 counties have yet to be reached.

“With special thanks to our mapping team, we have this map showing where our impact is being felt in Tennessee,” said Corey Johns, executive director. “It’s one thing to say who and where, it’s another to see it. We have set out to prepare our neighbors across the state with the tools needed to compete in today’s technological society and what this map shows is that we are doing just that.”


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