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Technology Outlook for 2014

By Jennifer Cobb

Global spending on technology will rise 6.2 percent in U.S. dollars to $2.22 trillion in 2014, helped by an improving economy and growing interest in areas such as mobility and cloud computing, according to new data from Forrester Research.

Software will account for the largest share of tech spending in 2014, at $568 billion, followed by IT outsourcing at $442 billion, IT consulting and integration services at $421 billion, computer equipment with $416 billion and communications equipment at $373 billion, according to Forrester’s report.

U.S. buyers are setting the pace, being responsible for 40 percent of all tech spending, while the nation’s economy has continued to grow.

The following five items are predicted to be the Top 5 hot areas in technology this year:

·      Connection

·      Hybrid

·      Analytics

·      SDX

·      Mobile

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